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    The Geological Survey Division undertakes the geological mapping of Sierra Leone, prospecting and exploration operations, the collection, compilation, publication and dissemination of data and information concerning the geology and mineral resources of the country. The Geological Survey also advises Government on all matters of geological nature.

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    31/08/2012· Overview of Resources. Sierra Leone was the 10 th largest producer of diamond and the third largest producer of rutile in the world in 2010. The country also produces mineral commodities such as cement and ilmenite. Sierra Leone’s mineral and metal production statistics for 2010 is as follows: Bauxite increased by 44% to 1.0 Mt from 757,000

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    Large-scale mining operations in Sierra Leone are all foreign-owned. The National Minerals Agency Act was enacted in 2012 creating the institutional framework through which the mineral sector will be effectively managed. The National Minerals Agency provides effective and efficient licencing, geological services and regulatory agency services


    Minerals Policy. And third, Sierra Leone’s commitment to the African Mining Vision (AMV) adopted by all African Heads of States in 2009. The country’s long-term development and transformation goals announced in the NEW DIRECTION manifesto are consistent with the AMV. Given that minerals are non-renewable resources, the goal for Sierra Leone

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    The Ministry of Mineral Resources (MMR) Sierra Leone is located on the 5th Floor Youyi Building, Brookfields, Freetown, Sierra Leone.Further to this the MMR Geological Surveys Department can be found at the New England estate, also in Freetown. The Ministry also supports a network of Regional Office in Makeni, Bo, Kenema and Kono, each headed by a Government Mines Engineer.

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    Sierra Rutile, a subsidiary of Iluka Resources, is a multi-mine operation located in the Bonthe and Moyamba districts, south west Sierra Leone. The operation is the world’s largest natural rutile deposit and encompasses two mines, (Lanti Dry and Gangama), a mineral separation plant and a dedicated port facility. Sierra Rutile's main product

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    LicencesSurface RightsState ParticipationEnvironmentHealth and SafetyCommunity and Local ContentTaxationTransparencyProcessingThe following mineral licences are available in Sierra Leone: (i) the “reconnaissance licence”, (ii) the exploration licence, (iii) the artisanal mining licence, (iv) the small-scale mining licence, and (v) the large-scale mining licence. For a company to be granted mineral rights under the Mines Act it must be registered or incorporated in accordance with the Companies Act.The most relevant of these licences for industrial projects are the exploration licence and the large-scale mining licen...
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    (1) The object for which the Agency is established is to promote the development of the minerals sector by effectively and efficiently managing the administration and regulation of mineral rights and minerals trading in Sierra Leone, to provide technical and other support to the mineral sector including geographical survey and data collection activities.

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    Procedia Earth and Planetary Science 6 ( 2013 ) 131 – 138 1878-5220 2013 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V. Selection and/or peer review under responsibilty of Institut Teknologi Bandung and Kyushu University. doi: 10.1016/j.proeps.2013.01.018 International Symposium on Earth Science and Technology, CINEST 2012 The Geology, Mineral Resources of Sierra Leone and how the Resources

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    The main minerals mined in Sierra Leone are diamonds, rutile, bauxite, gold, iron and limonite. Mining in Sierra Leone has been seen as one of the key factors for instability in the country and one of the reasons for the country's recent civil war. Traditionally, benefits from diamond mining have ended up with private companies and corrupt

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    Sierra Rutile, a wholly owned subsidiary of Iluka Resources, is a leading mineral sands company, operating world-class assets in Sierra Leone. The company produces high quality rutile, ilmenite and zircon from the world’s largest natural rutile deposit.

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    Welcome to Sierra Minerals (SML) Sierra Minerals has been part of the international industrial and investment group, Vimetco N.V., since July 2008. Sierra Minerals is the only bauxite mine in Sierra Leone and is the second largest mining employer in the country. The mine has a resource base of approximately 31 million tonnes of bauxite and

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    The Political Economy of Mineral Resources 11. To understand the failure of the state in Sierra Leone and the role that minerals played in the conflict, we need to consider the nature of the state that emerged

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    Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Resources and power: Mineral resources are fairly well distributed and include diamonds, chromite, and reserves of rutile (titanium dioxide) that are among the world’s largest. There are iron ore reserves, but these are no longer commercially mined. Other minerals include bauxite, columbite (a black mineral of iron, manganese, and niobium), gold, and platinum

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    23/01/2018· Sierra Leone has always engaged in mining activities since independence. Mining contributes greatly to Sierra Leone ’ s GDP. The Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources and the National Minerals Agency have created the enabling environment to rebrand and improve the sector ’ s contribution. The Petroleum Directorate-Sierra Leone has created

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    Preceding his appointment, Minister Yokie represented Constituency 068 (Bo District) from 2007– 2017 in Sierra Leone Parliament where he served in many committees including Mines and Mineral Resources Oversight Committee. He was also the Government of Sierra Leone Special Trade Envoy This is an excerpt of Sunday’s brief interview:

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    16/09/2019· Sierra Leone is endowed with rich natural resources. The mining industry is dominated by large-scale producers of iron ore, diamonds, rutile, and bauxite as well as small-scale and artisanal mining of gold and diamonds.

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    Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources Sierra Leone. 3.9K likes. Government Organization

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    5 Review of Ministry of Mineral Resources Ver 17.10 PAI/GRS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. As part of the Government of Sierra Leone’s (GOSL’s) programme to promote good governance in the management of public services in order to restore

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    Sierra Leone The Mines and Minerals Act, 2009. Being an Act to consolidate and amend the law on mines and minerals; to promote local and foreign investment in the mining sector by introducing new and improved provisions for exploration, mine development and marketing of minerals and mineral secondary processing for the benefit of the people of Sierra Leone; to ensure that management of the

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    UK-based African Minerals (AML) through its subsidiary Tonkolili Iron Ore, is developing the Tonkolili iron ore mine in Sierra Leone, West Africa. The project, involving a fully integrated mine, rail and port infrastructure, is planned to be developed in three phases. Mining lease for the project

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    11/10/2019· As a mineral resource rich country, Sierra Leone should ostensibly hold much of the bargaining power with investors expected to compromise, especially as relates to the seat of arbitration, as the scramble for minerals and resources has and continues to be highly competitive.

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    Sierra Leone’s primary mineral resources are diamonds, rutile, bauxite, gold and iron ore. The mineral sector in Sierra Leone is made up of three sub-sectors: a) large-scale production of non

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    Sierra Leone Launches Country Contract Repository, While Global ResourceContracts Site Passes 1,000 Document Milestone 24 February 2016 It's Time for a Re-think on Natural Resource Management in Sierra Leone

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    The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 3 April 2014 When president Koroma of Sierra Leone visited Abu Dhabi in January 2014, he held talks with the government of the United Arab Emirates, aimed at exploring economic cooperation between the two nations. Key sectors of the economy of Sierra Leone, such as fishing, agriculture, tourism and forestry are

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    Sierra Leone is now embarking on social and economic development and as a result the country is anticipating rapid growth in minerals production and export which should provide resources to help transform the country. Sierra Leone’s primary mineral resources are diamonds, rutile, bauxite, gold and iron ore. The agricultural sector contributes

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    Why West Africa. West Africa is known for its rich bauxite deposits in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Ghana. In Sierra Leone, bauxite mining started in sixties and presently Sierra Minerals Holding Limited / VIMETCO is exporting more than 1.5 million tons of bauxite per annum.

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    Industrial and Sand Based Minerals (such as coltan, zircon, monazite, rutile, ilmenite, etc)