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    In 2011, petroleum extraction accounted for 98% of the country's exports and contributed to 60.2% of Gross Domestic Product, but in the following year production declined drastically to about 14%. Other minerals produced consisted of gold and quarry materials for construction such as brick clay. In the late 1970s, a mineral exploration programme into metallic, radioactive, and industrial minerals took place throughout an area of 25,000 square kilometres in the Juba region of the Eastern Equatoriastate.

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    [5] Gold mining to increase in Sudan's South Kordofan [click to view] [7] Wali: Police secure disputed mining site in Sudan's River Nile state [click to view] [9] Miners facing the abyss in Egypt and Sudan [click to view] [2] Two killed in South Kordofan dispute over gold extraction plant [click to view]

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    2/04/2014· New Kush Exploration & Mining (NKEM) and the state government of Eastern Equatoria have begun the first gold mining exploration in three counties of Kapoeta region, South Sudan Anthony Viljoen, director of NKEM said, ”We have been granted a license of operation to undertake gold mining

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    13/12/2017· South Sudanese residents of Kapoeta state say they found a way to earn money to feed their families: selling gold. Gold mining is illegal in South Sudan, but locals say it is worth the risk of

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    5/07/2016· Story Gold fever sweeps South Sudan ahead of new mining law. Taking a break from the toil of digging, Leer Likuam sat on the edge of a shallow trench, puffed his pipe and boasted he once found a 200-gram gold nugget bigger than his thumb.

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    Last November, Sudan signed 10 agreements for gold and iron mining, as the African nation plans to more than double its gold output to 50 metric tonnes in the current year. For investors with a

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    Reserves of Phosphate found in Mount Kuoun and Mount Lauro in eastern Nuba, has been assessed as 400,000 tons, including some amount of uranium U 2 0 3. Kaolin, a clay mineral consisting of potassium and Aluminium silicate, is found in some areas of Khartoum and in the south of the River Nile State. Granite is extracted from the southern Wadi Halfa. Gold is found in three types of geological formations: the Parentheses Gossan formation in the Eriab re

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    Between February and May 2015, Cordaid and the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining conducted an assessment of the gold mining sector in two states of South Sudan. The resulting report, based on dozens of interviews, focus group discussions and community meetings, for the first time sheds light on the country’s artisanal and small-scale mining sector.

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    New Kush Exploration & Mining Company Ltd (NKEM) is a first mover gold exploration company focused on East Africa, particularly South Sudan, northern Uganda and Ethiopia, with a vision to discover new frontier mineral deposits hosting in excess of 3 million ounces of gold.

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    21/08/2013· Panning For Gold In South Sudan, A Gram At A Time : Parallels In the desperately poor country, some 60,000 informal miners are working by hand to unearth an estimated $660 million worth of gold

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    » report january 2016. mining in south sudan opportunities and risks for local communities. baseline assessment of small-scale and artisanal gold mining in central and eastern equatoria states

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    11/06/2013· In South Sudan's east, a new mining law is slowly coming into effect that could change the war-ravaged new nation's fortunes and wean the government off a 98% reliance on oil. The country is

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    operated artisanal gold mines in informal cross-border economies. With South Sudan’s inde pendence in 2011 and the shutdown of oil production in 2012, international and domestic interest in South Sudan’s non-oil natural resources is growing. During the six-year

  • Sudan's new gold rush: miners risk their lives in search

    27/12/2015· Looking to woo international investors and mining giants, the government has recently issued press releases touting Sudan’s ambition to become the third largest gold

  • Sudanese govt’s decision on gold mining met with mixed

    The government’s decision to forbid the use of toxic cyanide and mercury in gold mining has been met with mixed reactions. Many see it as a positive first step. Some want the government to go further. In a joint statement the Resistance Committees Coordination of Talodi, Kalogi and El Leri in South Kordofan stated that the government’s decision falls far below the aspirations and wishes of

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    2/05/2018· Mining for gold is the only source of income for many people living in the eastern part of South Sudan. But the country is not benefiting from it, because most of the gold discovered is quickly

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    14/11/2015· Sudan is a famous gold producing country. In fact, about 128 gold mining companies are currently involved in the country’s gold sector. The country has been experiencing a gold mining boom in the recent past thanks to the increase in the gold prices internationally. Gold production continues to grow by every year. This makes the []

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    Mining sector in South Sudan The Mining Sector has the potential to become an engine for economic as it has plenty of mineral deposits including gold, copper, iron, manganese, uranium, zinc, marble/dolomite and gemstones among others.

  • Sudan’s gold revenues hit $1.24 billion: Minerals Minister

    Sudan produced 25.6 tons of gold from January to November this year, amounting to $1.24 billion, according to the federal Minister of Minerals. The Minister of Investment presented his Ministry’s plans for 2017 to the parliament last week. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) promised Khartoum a

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    including Darfur, South Kordofan, and Blue Nile. These are the principal zones of conflict in Sudan today. Artisanal gold mining is also drawing hundreds of thousands of artisanal miners to the deserts of Sudans northern and eastern states, areas that have not seen large-scale conflict yet.8 Historically, Sudan exported most of its gold from

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    SUDAN INTERNATIONAL MINING BUSINESS FORUM AND EXHIBITION SIMFE is an annual event promoting Sudan's rich mining sector and presenting Investors and global mining companies with a great opportunity to explore the huge untapped potential of this

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    Gold also has been mined along the borders between Sudan and Uganda and Zaire, but not in commercially profitable amounts. During the 1970s, the government's Geological Survey Administration located more than fifty potential gold-producing sites in different parts of the country. Several joint ventures between the Sudanese Mining Corporation, a

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    20/11/2012· American photographer Adriane Ohanesian has been based in South Sudan since 2010, working for Reuters. Here she documents the unregulated gold-mining

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    The mining industry of South Sudan started operating from the time South Sudan became a regional government of Sudan in 2005. Its inheritance was a well developed petroleum industry with an extensive network of pipelines passing through Sudan. However, contractual allotments in mining lacked any form of regulatory framework, resulting in the legislative assembly imposing a moratorium on mining

  • South Sudan to get 55% shares in gold mining in Kapoeta

    The Director General for Mineral Development in the Ministry of Mining says the government is set to collect 55 percent of additional non-oil revenue from gold mining in Kapoeta State. Dr. Cosmas Pitia said this is based on the terms of an agreement signed between the government and two mining companies which will soon begin operations in Kapoeta areas.

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    26/10/2016· south_sudan_gold_mining_report-lr_1 1. baseline assessment of small-scale and artisanal gold mining in central and eastern equatoria states, south sudan mining in south sudan: opportunities and risks for local communities » report january 2016

  • Gold for Food in Sudan’s Blue Nile Nuba Reports

    Normally, Jawahir would be at the Doro Refugee Camp in South Sudan, attending school. But for today, she’s made the journey to Sudan’s Blue Nile, to earn some money. “I had class today but I couldn’t go,” she said. “I have to pan [for gold] so I can buy a pencil and

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    24/04/2017· 24 April 2017 12:53 pm. Hi guys, Im about to start a very long, hard and difficult venture of trying to prospect and mine for gold in South Sudan and I'm seeking advice. i will briefly summarise the country, it has perpetually been at war but things have died down.

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    The Regulation of Traditional Gold Mining (2012) sets conditions for practising artisanal mining such as registration, safeguarding the environment, stick to specified area of operation, sell gold produced to the bank of Sudan sale points Organization of the Artisanal Gold Mining in Sudan Cont.

  • Kenyan court halts South Sudan’s ‘gold rush’ Daily Nation

    26/11/2018· South Sudan’s efforts to tap into the lucrative gold industry have hit a snag as two foreign firms — Israeli-owned 4MB Mining and London-registered Misnak International — fight in Kenya over